Which Type Of Veneers Are Right For You?

Which Type Of Veneers Are Right For You?

Tooth restoration and material types

Veneers are incredibly popular and for good reason; they can transform damaged or misaligned teeth into a near-perfect smile. They used to be something that only the rich and famous could have back in the days when they were cutting edge dental technology and incredibly expensive.

These days though, they are affordable for many and they can offer any of us a completely rejuvenated and picture-perfect smile even the biggest celebrities would admire.

Most people think of veneers are just one type of treatment with the same materials and processes, whereas actually, there are different types of veneers on the market. All the options range in price, benefits, and downsides. So if you’re considering porcelain veneers in Chiswick, then it’s worth knowing about all the different options available on the market so you can begin your journey to the ‘perfect’ smile fully informed.

Composite Veneers

One of the most common types of veneer is the composite version made from a special dental material which is applied to the prepared teeth before being shaped during your appointment. Composite is not a veneer material commonly used for larger and more complex smile transformation treatments but instead is more likely to be applied for minor cosmetic issues like a cracked tooth or teeth with small gaps in them.

Composite veneers cost a lot less than other types of veneer and they don’t take as long to complete. However, the finish isn’t necessarily comparable to more expensive options and the product is not as stain resistant. In terms of durability, with regular visits to your dentist near Chiswick for maintenance, and good daily dental hygiene, you can still expect them to last reasonably well.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers tend to be the most popular type available, but are usually the most costly option. They can absolutely transform a smile and it takes a few appointments to complete the work. When you opt for porcelain veneers, your dentist will do the preparation and fitting but the veneers will be made in a dental laboratory. They are made specifically to your individual requirements and they resist staining so are very durable.

Instant Veneers

Instant veneers are available in some clinics and tend to be a mixture of composite and porcelain. A pre-made veneer is applied to the teeth rather than veneers that are custom made. These treatments tend to be a lot cheaper than custom veneers but mostly are used for issues where a veneer is needed right away, like if a tooth is cracked or chipped and before a custom veneer can be applied for a longer term solution.

Snap-on Veneers

These are very new to the dental world and are not yet commonly available. They snap onto the teeth and are removed for cleaning after eating. You can choose your shade and shape, and they tend to cost less than more permanent veneers, but are not advised as a long term solution.

Gold Veneers

Some people choose to have gold veneers purely for aesthetic reasons. Gold is just as hard wearing as other materials if not more. Platinum is another metal that people might choose as their veneer material. Albeit this does create a rather extreme look!

Choosing the material for your veneers is a unique and individual choice dependent on your budget, desired results and your needs. Having a thorough consultation with your dentist is the best thing you can do to start your journey towards having a transformed smile with veneers. Please call 020887493267 for more information today.