Considering Teeth Whitening? Listen To These Important Aftercare Tips…

Considering Teeth Whitening? Listen To These Important Aftercare Tips…

Care for your new smile with aftercare tips from your Acton dentist

Getting your teeth whitened is a really great idea if you want years taken off your look, and a completely rejuvenated feeling after a short treatment time.

Teeth whitening can remove stains and effectively lightens the shade of your teeth, creating a much brighter smile.

Some people choose to have tooth whitening as a treat for quitting smoking to get rid of the nicotine stains from the teeth; some people choose to have tooth whitening as an ‘anti-aging’ treatment, some people choose to have tooth whitening to achieve the ‘perfect’ smile. Everybody is different, but there are many good reasons to have your teeth whitened. If you have had teeth whitening recently, or are looking into cosmetic dentistry generally, you might be interested to know what upkeep this treatment takes afterward?

Do the teeth stay white forever? Can they be stained again? How can staining in the future be avoided? You’ve put a lot of effort and money into getting your teeth nice and white, so it makes sense you will want to keep them that way. If you’re considering seeing your local dentist near Shepherd’s Bush about teeth whitening then you might want to know how difficult it is to sustain the look afterward.

The First 48 Hours

The first 48 hours you should be extra careful with your newly whitened teeth because they are more porous than usual and could stain more easily than before. That means avoiding drinks and food highly likely to stain your teeth such as:

  • Curry
  • Red Wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea

You should also refrain from smoking as the nicotine can stain the teeth.

Daily Dental Care

Following your first couple of days after teeth whitening near Shepherds Bush, aftercare will be daily as part of your normal routine. You should be brushing your teeth every day, twice a day for two minutes as a minimum. Drink water after eating to encourage staining foods to be rinsed away and chew on sugar-free gum to encourage saliva which also helps remove food debris from the mouth. If you want to keep your teeth stain free for a long time, you might also want to think about quitting smoking. We know how bad it is for overall health, but another negative is that the nicotine stains your teeth and yellows them over time. It also makes sense to moderate your intake of staining drinks such as coffee and red wine.

Visit Your Dentist In Acton Regularly

Another part of aftercare for whitened teeth is visiting your dentist regularly. Regular checkups will ensure you get your teeth cleaned and polished so any built-up stains can be removed.

With the right daily oral health habits and regular trips to your dentist near Shepherds Bush you can help to maintain your beautiful white smile. If stains do cause an issue again in future, you may want to consider a teeth whitening top-up treatment. In all instances if you are interested in teeth whitening, only approach certified dental practices and never beauticians or beauty salons as it is only legal for whitening to be performed by a registered dental professional such as ourselves.