Considering Dentures? Get The Facts From Your Local Acton Dentist

Effective tooth loss solutions that give you your smile back.

It is so important to know and understand all the facts when you’re considering investing in new dentures from your local Acton dentist.

Transparency is key, so you can understand all of the positives and negatives of one of the most common solutions to tooth loss. Whether you’re looking at replacing one tooth or entire arches, these facts about dentures will ensure you’re already ahead when it comes to understanding this handy form of ‘tooth replacement dentistry’:

Dentures Are Not Made For Life

Dentures are not designed to last you your entire life. However, modern dentures do last a long time, longer than they ever have, but the teeth or bases on them are breakable if dropped, or they can deteriorate in how they look and wear. You may also need them replaced because your mouth shape changes as you age. Visiting your local dentist about your dentures regularly will ensure they are always maintained and replaced when they need to be.

You Should Get Regular Dental Checkups Regardless Of Denture Condition

Even if your dentures cause you no issues you should go and see your dentist regularly. Even if your teeth are no longer there to be checked, your gums and oral tissues are and they can reveal lots of indications about your overall health.

Dentures Don’t Have To Be Obvious

Everyone has a grandparent who liked to show their dentures off, but dentures don’t have to be obvious or unnatural. Dentures can be designed to your exact specifications so that nobody but you has to know you even have them. When you go to get dentures in Acton your dentist will use their experience and knowledge to help you get dentures that give you the smile that works and looks exactly the way you want it to.

You Can Keep Eating Properly

A big myth about dentures is that you can’t eat properly with them in. You can eat most of the foods you love and there are relatively few restrictions. You aren’t restricted to soft food and you can chew properly.

You Can Speak Properly

Another myth about dentures is that they make you speak differently but a well-fitted denture does not change the way you sound. If you sound different when you speak with a denture in, it needs re-fitting correctly.

Denture Fixative Matters

Denture ‘glue’ can play a huge part in the comfort of dentures. A comfortable fixative that works enables a person to feel confident in their dentures, even though some well-fitted dentures do not require its use.

Medication Can Cause Denture Issues

Certain medications can cause dry mouth which affects dentures because it affects how you can swallow or chew.

Your Dentist Cares!

Your friendly Acton dentist really cares about providing you with comfortable, beautiful dentures that make you look and feel confident. Getting dentures locally means getting a smile you can be proud of! Please call 02087493267 for more information about dentures today.