Unhappy With Your Gappy Smile?

Perfect your smile with cosmetic dentistry solutions near White City

Many famous people such as Madonna and Eddie Murphy have made gaps between the two front teeth seem cool and attractive.

However, gaps between the teeth, sometimes known as diastema, are not something that some people desire as part of their smile.

Gaps between the teeth can also be caused by issues like tooth loss, a larger than usual area of the gums that connects the front teeth to the gums, an issue with the tongue where it forces the front teeth forward, gingivitis and other less known causes.

Gaps in the teeth are perfectly acceptable to many people and are not a cause of concern; however, some people understandably would prefer a less gappy smile. If you would prefer not to have gaps between your teeth, there are several options available for you.

Adult Teeth Straightening

You can get adult teeth straightening near White City to help correct your gappy smile. The braces would simply push the teeth together and in a direction that causes the gaps to close. Teeth straightening like this would begin with a consultation to determine the type of braces best for you situation. In all cases, we would discuss the results you would like to achieve and offer you the best solutions. In some instances, Invisalign clear adult braces might be an appropriate and more discreet option than other types of braces.

Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding is where tooth-coloured resin is artistically applied to the teeth in order to correct aesthetic issues. It is not recommended for large gaps between the teeth but rather smaller gaps where a quick and convenient result is appropriate. Tooth bonding is efficient but it is not necessarily as durable as other treatments.

Cosmetic Veneers

Veneers are small sheets of porcelain or other tooth coloured material that fit over a prepared tooth. They can correct many aesthetic tooth issues, including gaps between the teeth and can literally transform a smile completely. Your friendly dental clinic near Acton Vale can give you information on the different veneer options as there are several types, all with their own pros and cons.


Surgery is not usual for gappy teeth and tends to be used in extreme situations where gum disease has advanced, or where a reconstruction might need to take place. It involves taking away or removing material from the front part of the mouth where the tissue meets the gums and often requires brace treatment afterward.

If you don’t like the gaps in your teeth, or you have problems with them and would like to look at teeth straightening by your nearest White City dentist, or other relevant treatments, please call Acton Vale on 02087493267. We will begin by booking you in for a consultation where we can get a clear idea of your expectations, and answer any questions you have before examining your teeth and providing you with your different treatment options along with transparent pricing and timescales. Our team are looking forward to you call!