Getting Fillings Near Shepherds Bush – Are White Fillings The Best Choice?

Effective Cavity Treatment From Your Local Dentist

When you get a cavity in your tooth, the first step is getting a filling if the cavity is small enough. This filling goes into the remaining tooth to stabilise and save it, which prevents you having to have more extensive work done.

The only thing is there’s a choice to make when it comes to having a filling and that is whether or not to have a traditional amalgam filling or a white filling. Here is a useful overview of both types to help you decide:

Amalgam Fillings (Silver Fillings)

Silver fillings which are made from a material called amalgam, are safe to use and they can last in your mouth for up to 15 years. They are extremely strong and durable, which is why they can last for so long whilst you chew every day. Amalgam fillings are also cheaper than white fillings. However, there are also some downsides to silver fillings such as the fact that they don’t look as aesthetically pleasing as white fillings. They also require a little bit more preparation of the tooth than white fillings do.

White Fillings

White fillings aren’t quite white, they’re actually designed to be the colour of your tooth and are made from composite. This makes them aesthetically pleasing as they blend in with your natural teeth and without looking hard you can’t really tell they are there. Generally, when you get a white filling near Shepherds Bush, it can last up to 10 years or more depending on the person. They don’t last as long as amalgam fillings but they do save more of the natural tooth as less preparation is needed. They also enhance the strength of the tooth because of the way the composite bonds to the surface of the tooth. White fillings are also more expensive than silver fillings and they can take a little longer to place.

Which Type Of Filling Is Right For You?

When you visit your Acton Vale dentist we can let you know about the two different options for fillings but ultimately the choice is yours. As a general rule, amalgam fillings are designed to last longer than white fillings and they are cheaper, so if you want the most practical and cost-effective option, then silver fillings are perfect for you. However, if you want the most aesthetically pleasing option and don’t mind paying a little more, then white fillings are a great option for you. They can last marginally less time than your silver fillings but with ample oral care, they could last just as long.

Getting White Fillings At Acton Vale Dentists Near Shepherds Bush

If you would like to discuss the difference between silver and white fillings with us and whether or not they are right for you, please give us a call on 02087493267. We can provide you with as much information as possible over the phone, but a consultation at our clinic near Shepherds Bush is necessary for individual advice.