New Dental Implants Near Chiswick – Useful Q & A’s

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Here at Acton Vale Dentists near Chiswick, we offer dental implants, which are cutting edge tooth restoration technology. This type of treatment can completely transform a smile, and what is even more exciting is that the restoration is built to last.

Dental implants are designed to become part of your body, much like a titanium plate that helps a bone to heal. This means that the initial groundwork that is completed, is so in depth because once in place, the restoration should be there for life. If you’ve been considering getting dental implants near Chiswick then these Q&A’s will provide you with useful information to get started:

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a piece of technology made from titanium designed to be implanted deep into the bone underneath your teeth. Here, the titanium fuses with the bone providing an incredibly stable base which then replicates the tooth root. Tooth restorations are then attached to them in the mouth.

Can You Tell Implants Are There?

There is no way to tell a person has implants as the tooth restorations look like normal teeth and the implant itself sits beneath the surface.

Who Is Suitable For Dental Implants?

Those in good health with a healthy lifestyle should be suitable for dental implants. However, certain habits may have an impact on whether or not you are suitable for dental implants. For example; drinking excessively or smoking cause problems for natural healing and implants depend a lot on that healing process in order to work optimally. Smoking is the most likely reason that you will not be suitable for implants. In all cases though, a thorough consultation with us about having dental implants near Chiswick will determine whether or not this type of treatment is suitable for you.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

This is extremely individual and depends very much on the person. In some instances implants can be placed in a day but there will still need to be follow up appointments. In some cases several sessions of work will be needed. After a thorough consultation and examination at our friendly Acton Vale clinic, using diagnostics like X-rays and scans, we can provide a better idea of treatment time.

How Many Teeth Can Implants Hold?

Implants can hold anything from one tooth to entire arches of teeth and they can also be used to stabilise dentures.

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