Learn More About 0% Finance At Your Dentist Near Shepherds Bush

Convenient Payment Options At Acton Vale Dentists

Private treatment like cosmetic dentistry, including popular choices like veneers or dental implants, can be costly in one payment, which is why 0% finance is such a popular choice for Acton Vale patients. The way it works is by enabling you to pay for your treatment, with 0% interest, in installments over an agreed period of time that works best for you.

If you’re interested in 0% finance at your dentist near Shepherds Bush, you’ll be taking advantage of the services of our preferred financial provider Dental Finance, who enable us to offer these kinds of services to our valued patients.

The 0% finance options are available for up to 12 months and we also offer also low-interest plans with different APR options for longer periods of time. As you’d expect, there are conditions for eligibility for these offers and the services are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Open & Honest Dentistry Near White City

Complete Transparency From Your Local Dentist – The Acton Vale Fee Guide

In an industry as essential as dentistry, Acton Vale understand how important it is to ensure an honest and transparent approach to information about our services. That includes ensuring we always offer plenty of information on our treatments, the time they take, why you need them, the different types of treatments that are applicable to your unique situation, and also answering any questions you might have about your dental health.

On top of information about the different services we offer here at Acton Vale Dentists, patients benefit from access to a fee guide to services.

Individual circumstances and needs of each patient mean that quite often, pricing for different things are unique to an individual person, however where we can, we offer a rough price guide to ensure that patients have as much information as possible to hand, before they have a consultation with us.

Our current fee guide is based on our website, and for your convenience today, we have the majority of all of our current prices listed (applicable in August 2017):

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Straight Teeth Fast With Six Month Smiles!

Enjoy A Beautiful Straight Smile With ‘6MS’ at Acton Vale Dentists.

If you are one of the many adults who wish they could get their teeth straightened in a way that doesn’t impact their appearance for too long, then you might be interested to hear about the Six Month Smiles system we offer at our dental surgery in Acton. The innovative clear brace system is designed to straighten the front ‘social six’ teeth in as little as six months or less.

The latest modern braces are increasingly popular amongst adults who have put off teeth straightening because traditional systems just aren’t convenient. The length of time they take to work, plus the impact on speech and on the appearance of the face, just don’t work for a lot of adults.

With clear braces, love lives, social lives, work lives and general life is able to go on as normal, all whilst the device is working to create a great smile for the person wearing it!

How Does Six Month Smiles Work?

It works by straightening the front social six teeth, rather than trying to straighten all of the teeth which would take longer. The discreet brace and bracket system is designed for cosmetic enhancement of the front teeth, where they are misaligned or crooked.

Why Six Month Smiles?

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Get A Beautiful Straight Smile Near Acton With Invisalign

Enjoy The Perfect Smile With Adult Brace Solutions!

Invisalign is probably the most well-known adult brace system in the world. It has opened up the door to the perfect straight smile, for adults everywhere who have put off correcting their misaligned or crooked teeth, because of the poor aesthetics of traditional brace systems.

Although there are systems like Fast Braces that enable you to use a more traditional brace system to achieve straight teeth but in a much quicker time, that is still too much of an aesthetic compromise for some people.

Luckily, in the modern times we live in, cosmetic dentistry is advanced and there is a wide range of options for adults looking to straighten their teeth.

Why Adult Braces?

Getting adult braces such as Invisalign at your Acton Vale clinic is a great idea for anyone wanting a convenient, aesthetically subtle teeth straightening solution. Patients may opt for Invisalign Clear Aligners for many different reasons, including:

  • Never wanting braces before because of aesthetics, and choosing to have them now because they aren’t as obvious as traditional braces
  • Never having the confidence to go through with an adult brace treatment, but seeing that Invisalign is so popular and deciding to go for it
  • Having crooked teeth for life and finally choosing not to live with accepting them anymore
  • Having misaligned teeth that have worsened with age and so require treatment
  • Simply wanting a much nicer smile!

How Does Invisalign Work?

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Smile With Confidence With Fast Braces From Your Acton Dentist

The Straight Smile You’ve Always Wanted With The Latest Adult Braces

Cosmetic dentistry is extremely popular now, and at Acton Vale Dentists, we work hard to provide our patients with the latest treatments.

Certain treatments fall under all the umbrellas of dentistry, not just cosmetic, and adult braces is just one example which is gaining in popularity all the time.

Here at your friendly local dental clinic in Acton, we offer a wide variety of adult braces including Invisalign, Six Month Smiles and our very popular Fast Braces treatment.

Adults may choose to have braces or teeth straightening treatments for a wide variety of reasons including:

  • Never wanting ugly, old-fashioned braces previously and opting for treatment now that they are nearly invisible, or can act much faster
  • Dealing with crooked teeth for their whole lives and finally feeling they want to make a change
  • Ageing has caused teeth to become more crooked and misaligned than ever, and so they want to improve the appearance
  • Wanting a better smile
  • Wanting to improve their smile as an anti-ageing process

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Rejuvenate Your Looks With Facial Aesthetics In Acton

Enjoy Beautiful Revitalised Skin With Your Local Dentist & Aesthetician

Have you ever thought that your smile is beautiful after having cosmetic dentistry, but you worry that the rest of your look could do with a little refreshing as well?

A lot of us look to have cosmetic dentistry in order to regain a more youthful, beautiful smile and there are plenty of treatments you can have to achieve that, including teeth whitening, veneers and much more.

The world of cosmetic dentistry is extremely advanced now, and there’s every reason to have the perfect smile you’ve have always wanted.

And there’s more good news! With facial aesthetics working together with your new smile, the entire face can be rejuvenated so you really can start to roll back those signs of ageing and hopefully feel more confident too!

What Are Facial Aesthetics?

Facial aesthetics are gentle treatments we offer to help minimise the signs of ageing on the face. Fine lines and wrinkles can affect confidence and make us feel older than we feel inside. People might opt for facial rejuvenation for the following reasons:

  • To celebrate quitting smoking, to treat the ageing effects the habit had on the skin
  • Because they feel younger than they look outside and they want their face to reflect how young they really feel
  • As a pick me up and a boost to confidence
  • To match a newly youthful smile from cosmetic dentistry
  • To deal with a pesky deep wrinkle or set of lines that they feel is the aesthetic focus on their face
  • To have a more plump pout

Facial rejuvenation allows us to reverse a few of the years that show on our skin, and put the glow we feel on the inside, on the outside!

The treatments are non-surgical and are provided by skilled, qualified members of the Acton Vale Dental Team.

Wrinkle Treatment

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It’s Time For You To Get The Bright, White Smile You Deserve….

With Modern Teeth Whitening In Acton!

Teeth whitening is an amazing way to lift the shade of teeth that may be otherwise stained or discoloured through bad habits, age or general wear and tear. In fact, when you have your teeth whitened in Acton, you will be surprised at how much of a difference it makes to your overall appearance.

A brighter, whiter smile is transformative and can take years off your appearance, all in the small amount of time needed to use our ‘at home’ whitening trays made especially for you. You should see a massive difference in just a week!

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

When you opt for teeth whitening with us, you will first be invited for a consultation where your dentist will discuss all of your personal wishes when it comes to whiter teeth. Your dentist will ask you about habits and lifestyle related to teeth staining (smoking and coffee drinking) and also perform an examination to ensure your teeth are suitable for treatment.

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Enjoy The Straight Teeth You Always Wished For!

Modern teeth straightening at your dentist local to Chiswick

Teeth straightening is a treatment for both adults and children, and is something people either need to have, or choose to have. In the case of needing to have it done, a person may have misaligned teeth, crossing teeth, overcrowded teeth or problems with their bite.

These issues could cause problems with speech, eating, or with face shape.

But a person may also choose to have teeth straightening because they don’t like how their teeth look; they feel self-conscious about a ‘bite’ problem or hate the way their teeth cross over.

Whatever the reason for wanting the perfect straight smile, there are plenty of modern straightening solutions close by to Chiswick.

Child & Teenage Orthodontics (Braces)

Over 200,000 children opted for braces last year according to NHS statistics. They are somewhat ‘trendy’ now compared to years ago when they were seen as a negative thing. This likely relates to the fact high profile celebrities like Beyonce have sported them in recent years, and naturally, children and young adults want to copy their favourite stars.

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Get That Celebrity Smile Near White City!

Stunning teeth from your local White City dental clinic

A lot of people are able to access cosmetic dentistry these days. Much more than around a decade ago, when the perfect smile was reserved for those who got very lucky with genes, dental hygiene and habit choice, or for those who were famous or extremely rich.

Even then, it wasn’t quite as advanced as it is now, so really we are at an amazing time for smiles; simply because many people are able to access dentistry that is extremely convenient, effective and quicker than it has ever been. One key cosmetic dentistry treatment is veneers, which we’ll take a closer look at in today’s blog:

Veneers & How They Work

Veneers are extremely thin pieces of porcelain or other material that are custom made to cover a prepared tooth surface. Our dentist near White City offers veneers to clients who need them for aesthetic reasons, for example after damaging a front tooth, and clients who request them for aesthetic enhancement of their smile. As with all treatments, a thorough consultation will be carried out to ensure suitability for the treatment. You will also be able to select the colour of the veneers, either to match your natural teeth or to match those white smiles of the media ‘A’ listers!

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Keep Smiling Brightly With Modern Dentures Near Shepherds Bush

High-quality replacement teeth from your local dentist

In life, teeth can be lost for a wide variety of different reasons. Illness can cause us to lose teeth, sports injuries can cause us to lose a tooth, bad habits like smoking and general lack of oral hygiene can all lead to tooth loss. Unfortunately, tooth loss can have a massive effect on a person.

Physically it can lead to the surrounding teeth becoming crooked and it may also affect eating and speech. Aesthetically it can change the way a person looks hugely, especially if more than one tooth is lost.

Ideally, your dentist nearby to Shepherds Bush will be able to help you avoid the chain reaction that can begin at the loss of a single tooth, and they may well do that with dentures.

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