CBCT Referrals

We accept referrals from dentists all over London and Surrey for dental OPG and Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scans.

We use Sirona Orthophos S 3D which is equipped with an acquisition and reconstruction algorithm which ensures a perfectly uniform and high-quality image on all visual axes.

It has the best 3D Technology with instant volume measurement and bone density assessment tool.

Bear in mind, it is now much easier to justify taking these 3-dimensional images as they represent approximately 70% of the radiation dose as a standard dental OPG.

The scans provide very clear and accurate images for transverse sections, for the following:

  • Bone measurement for dental implant planning
  • Endodontic and PA lesions Diagnostics
  • Sinus elevation surgery
  • Making Surgical Implant Guides
  • Diagnostics of calcified canals, accessory canals
  • Locating lesions for Apicectomy or other surgeries
  • Orthodontics

We are based at 179 The Vale Acton, West London and are accepting referrals from Southall, Hanwell, Ealing, Chiswick, Shepheard’s Bush, Hammersmith, Fulham and other parts of London.

Current cost of an OPG radiograph is £50 and a CBCT scan (Maxilla, Mandible or both) is £150 without a report for the referring dentist, which is considered one of the lowest fees in London.

Referral Form

Please use the links below to download a the referral form (word document or PDF file)

Please return the completed form by email to info@actonvaledentists.com

Please note: It is the referring practitioner’s responsibility to ensure that all scans and radiographs are reviewed and reported appropriately in the clinical records, in compliance with IRMER 2000 regulations. It is strongly recommended that all scans/radiographs are reported upon by appropriately trained individual to assess for any coincidental pathology. Please make your own arrangements for the reporting.

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