Here at Acton Vale Dentists we know that many patients would dearly love straighter teeth and a more attractive smile; however they are put off by the thought of wearing braces.

Fortunately advances in dental technology now mean that there are many different types of orthodontic appliances or “braces” that are much more discreet and also faster-acting than the traditional “train-track” type.

No longer do you need to put up with unsightly metal braces! Here at Acton Vale Dentists we offer a wide range of alternatives, from the very popular Invisalign Aligner to comprehensive solutions for more complex cases.

Our dentist Dr Richard Goulart, has a special interest in Orthodontics, the science and practice of teeth straightening. Dr Goulart works with a wide range of braces to ensure that the best method is found for you particular needs, whether fast straightening of the “social six” teeth at the front of the mouth, or more complex corrections.

Braces for all ages!

There was time not too long ago when teeth straightening was mainly for children but this is no longer the case. Whilst we still help lots of children correct misaligned teeth, we also create beautiful straight smiles for adults too!

We offer fixed braces which are much more discreet than older-style systems because they are attached to the back of the teeth. Alternatively you may be suitable for one of our clear aligner systems which are super convenient, nearly invisible and can be removed for cleaning and when eating meals.

Our objective is to ensure that we provide the most effective and most convenient system for you. Unlike many practices, we have a wide range of methods at our disposal and we won’t force you into any particular treatment. We will advise you so you can make an informed decision but ultimately the choice is yours as long as we feel the treatment will be successful.

All orthodontic treatments start with a full consultation so we can assess your needs. We will then propose a treatment plan including expected timescale and costs.

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You journey to straighter teeth and a confident smile is just a short step away!

  • Consultation will be £60 for New Patients consultation for Adult Fixed Appliance Orthodontics
  • Consultation for Invisalign - Complimentary
  • Children Fixed appliances  Consultation  - Complimentary
  • Teens Invisalign - Complimentary Consultation

Find out how we can help align your teeth - so that you too can enjoy a straighter smile! please get in touch to arrange an initial Consultation with our Specialist Orthodontist by calling us on 020 8749 3267 or by completing our Online Appointment Request Form

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