Private Treatment Fees Guide

Proud of our reputation for friendly and caring dentistry, we operate an open and honest pricing policy at Acton Vale Dentists. Should you therefore require any treatment during your visit to us, we will always provide you with a choice of treatment options, a written treatment plan and the opportunity to ask any questions or queries you may have.

Please find below a guide to our fees for our most common private dental treatments:

Treatment Description Fee (From)
Routine Dental Examination (as a Private Patient) £60
Emergency Appointment £60 (Plus Treatment Fee)
Dental Radiograph £5 Each
Scale and Polish with Dentist £90
Hygienist – 30mins Session£75
Hygienist – 45mins Session £110
Hygienist 1 hour session £150
Airflow – additional to hygienist session +£25
Child Hygienist 20 min session £50
Simple Extraction – single rootFrom£150
Simple Extraction – multi rootFrom£190
Surgical Extraction (Bone Removal)From£350
CBCT- one arch£150
CBCT both arches£250
Amalgam FillingsFrom£120
White (Tooth Coloured) Fillings – One surfaceFrom£150
White (Tooth Coloured) Fillings – Two surfacesFrom£180
White (Tooth Coloured) Fillings – Three surfaces plus+From£200
Root Filling (Incisor/ Front tooth)From£350
Root Filling (Pre Molar)From£450
Root Filling (Molar )From£550
All-Ceramic (Tooth Coloured) CrownFrom£650
Gold crown (per weight)From£900
Porcelain Bonded to Metal CrownFrom£550
Porcelain Veneers (per Tooth)From£400
Composite veneers (per tooth)From£500
Composite onlayFrom£500
Edge bonding( per tooth)From£250
Diagnostic wax up (per tooth)From£40
Conventional Bridge (per unit)From£400
Maryland bridgeFrom£400
Denture acrylic – partialFrom£650
Denture acrylic – fullFrom£1000
Denture flexibleFrom£750
Denture – chromeFrom£1000
Dental Implant Consultation £60
Dental Implant (including Implant Root Abutment and Ceramic Crown)From£2,500
Bone graftFrom£600
Sinus liftFrom£700
Orthodontic Consultation for Children up to 17yrs FREE
Orthodontic Consultation for Adult & Teens ** £50
OPT X-ray £70
Teens 17+ | Orthodontics Treatment
Invisalign Lite – Single ArchFrom£2,000 Per Arch
Invisalign Lite & Moderate – Upper & LowerFrom£3,500
Invisalign Full – Upper and Lower ArchFrom£4,500
Metal Fixed Braces – Upper and LowerFrom£2,600
Adult, Children & Teens | Retainers
Vivera retainers – Single arch (set of 3)£300
Vivera retainers – Upper and lower (set of 3)From£600
Removable Vacuum formed retainer (per arch – 1 set only) From£150 per Arch
Bonded retainer (+£50 if removal of old one required)From£250 per Arch
Repair bonded retainer £50 per tooth
Removing wire/ bonded retainer (each)From£125
Children & Teens | Devices and Appliances
Functional applianceFrom£950
Removable applianceFrom£500
Adult, Children & Teens | Transfer Patients
(already wearing braces from elsewhere) Priced per visit or an estimated plan to complete treatment
Transferring Patient  Fee to transfer treatment to this practice.

(subject to consultation removal/ and consent.)

Maintenance Appointments £70 per adjustment
De – bond £200
Repair for broken appliance (not replacement)From£75
Teeth Whitening (Take Home Kit) £450
Enlighten Teeth whitening £600
Botox 1 areafrom£ 190 per area
Botox 2 areas£240
Botox 3 areas :£290
Botox full facefrom£400
Botox neckfrom£300
Masseter Botox from£500
Hyperhydrosis treatment (sweating)from£600
Full face and neck botoxfrom£650
Botox for Gummy smilefrom£200
Profhilo (2 sessions,4 weeks apart)£600
Maintenance profile (every 3/12)£300
Lip filler:      from£250
Midface filler (cheeks) from£400
Lower face fillerfrom£400
Snoring devices £400

Private Deposits

  • Emergency Appointment: £60.00 non-refundable for an on the day appointment.
  • Hygienist fee £40
  • New Patient Private Examination: £30.00             
  • Orthodontics Consultation Adults: £60 Children Free
  •  Invisalign Consultation: Complimentary
  • New Patient Implant Consultation:  £60.00
  • Facial Aesthitics: £30.00 (will be deducted from your treatment cost)

Cancellation - minimum 48 hours notice needed for cancellation of all appointments.

*This includes full detailed assessment, xrays, all treatment and retention post treatment.

Get in Touch

For more information about our Routine and Cosmetic Dental Treatments at Acton Vale Dentists, and to find out how our friendly, highly experienced team can help you to smile with confidence, please get in touch to arrange an appointment by calling us on 020 8749 3267 or by completing our Online Appointment Request Form.

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