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We diagnose and treat all types of dental emergencies

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Open 6 Days a week. Located in Acton, London W3 7RW

  • Nearest tube station: Acton Central
  • Patients are seen very quickly and treated on the same day.
  • Dental clinic with excellent level of service and care with reasonable fees

Walk-in emergency dental treatment available on the same day, it is not necessary for you to be an existing patient to receive emergency dental treatment with us.

Our emergency appointment fees

  • Emergency appointment - Β Β£60.00

Any treatment carried out will be at an additional cost.

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A dental emergency may be the result of any of the following:

  • Injury or trauma to the tooth
  • Lost fillings
  • Abscess
  • Playground accident for children
  • Damaged or fractured tooth
  • Dental work: After a filling or crown
  • Braces
  • Toothache -persistent sleepless night/s
  • Tooth decay
  • Loose implant crown
  • Root canal treatment
  • Broken orthodontic braces/wire poking
  • Teeth clenching or grinding
  • Repetitive motions (chewing or grinding)
  • Third molars ("wisdom teeth")
  • Biting into a hard object
  • Cavity
  • Exposed root surfaces
  • Broken or damaged bridge or dentures
  • Gum infections
  • Tooth Extraction

Walk-in emergency dental treatment available on the same day, it is not necessary for you to be an existing patient to receive emergency dental treatment with us.

Why Choose Us

Acton Vale Dental Centre is a very established and trusted Dental Centre in West London,Β we have been serving the community of West London and beyond for over 9yrs.

We provide Emergency Dental Care - let us take care of make you comfortable and put you at ease.Β  Our highly trained and fully experienced dentists and dental team are here to take you out of pain as quickly as possible with pain free dentistry, state-of-the-art equipment, technology and treatment methods.

We are very used to treating anxious, nervous and dental phobic patients in our calming and welcoming environment, we will treat you at your pace, listen to music you prefer to listen to, we will be guided by you, so you feel relaxed and in control.Β 

Emergency dental treatment is available to walk in patients, new patients, existing patients.

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What will happen when I call to arrange an emergency appointment?

You can call us on 020 8749 3267 or Contact us , or book online – please provide us with a brief summary of any concerns you may have. If you have an emergency dental problem in need of urgent attention, please let us know this so we are able to offer you the very first possible emergency appointment.Β 

We will send everything that needs to be completed to you electronically so when you arrive you will be seen straight away as long as your medical history and additional information has been completed - please note :Β  some medication may affect how we treat you on the day your safety is of paramount importance to us.

If you require antibiotics - they will be provided for you on the day.

All dental insurances accepted. If you have dental insurance, you will pay the practice and we will provide you with the necessary documentation after the treatment to enable you to make a claim from your insurance company. (Please check the terms and conditions of your insurance before booking)

Saturday emergency appointments and evening appointments are available. All appointments for evenings and Saturdays are secured by a credit/debit card. Your card will not be charged unless you wish to pay for your treatment using this card on the day.Β 

Failure to attend pre-booked on the day,Β late night or Saturday appointments without providing our required 48hrs notice may result in lost appointment fee:Β 

Should you fail to attend a pre-booked on the day, evening or Saturday appointments the practice reserves the right to charge you a non-attendance fee which is 95% of the overall appointment charge.

Payments. All appointments carried out at the practice will require full payment once the treatment fee and plan has been discussed and agreed and prior to treatment starting.

The consultation examination will be charged in full at the time of booking, this will be non-refundable if you cancel with less than 48hrs notice.

ForΒ  Emergency Dentistry please contact us, book online or telephone on 020 8749 3267

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